Sunday, January 01, 2006

Core Assessment

Core Assessment

You are not your personality, your judgments, your past choices, your beliefs, your perspective or your roles. The best and truest "you" lies behind all of these creations of your mind. Use these practices to access that core part of you in an instant.

1. Stop measuring and evaluating compulsively. We need to discern, evaluate and measure in some instances, but we judge on our good-bad-better-o-meter without end! This causes us to see a universe of scarcity, creating the illusion of the need for competition against others. Practice observing without measuring, by focusing on the sensory input of your senses, and keeping your mind quiet.

2. Be focused on the present moment, immersed deeply in what is going on right now. Surrender the past and future, for what occurs in the present creates the future. Focus on what you can hear, see and feel right now.

3. Relax, for you are guided when you are relaxed. When we are relaxed we are better able to see the big picture, and we are able to act thoughtfully instead of thoughtlessly reacting, because we are centered.

4. Heartbreaths. Softly inhale into your heartspace, imagining the breath nourishing you, and as you exhale imagine the air going out to nourish the world with your love, or if you prefer, the trees with your carbon dioxide. This connects you with the world.

5. Communicate fully, all that is there, especially what you don't want to say. This one is remarkably powerful at propelling our life. It is necessary to perceive, accept and act upon the truth. Avoiding consequences by hiding what is really on your mind stalls the flow of life.

6. Be authentic. You are unique. Get to know who you are, by thinking for yourself. Then be that person shamelessly. Live your own values, follow your own bliss.

7. Realize that emotions are a message from your spirit illuminating opportunities for growth. Quit wasting time and energy trying to rearrange the external world, and holding grudges. Anger, disappointment and fear are examples of resistance to "what is." To transform anger - forgive. To transform disappointment - see it as a future bad memory, and a learning opportunity. To transform fear - trust.

8. Make enjoying your life a top priority. The more joyful we are, the higher our energetic vibration is. Energetic vibrations attract like energetic vibrations to them. We are more attractive when we are joyful. We attract opportunities, money and love.

9. Appreciate life. Imagine you were diagnosed with a month to live, each day would look quite precious then wouldn't it? Life is a gift and appreciation is a rich rewarding feeling, its own reward. This big picture view is often overlooked when we are in the day to day stress, strain and details.

10. Give up being a position and be an opening instead. Be willing to listen to different opinions and views, trust yourself enough to be open-minded and know that you will not crumble under anyone's persuasion, and that you will easily come to the right choice for you in the end. This level of cooperation creates win-win possibilities and outcomes. Win-win outcomes create a positive sustainable future, and are good for all.

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