Thursday, September 08, 2005

Negative Thoughts ...

Crowd Them Out

Fighting against negative thoughts will not rid you of them. In fact, the energy you set against those negative thoughts will only make them more intense.

When you try to dismiss a negative thought directly, that only causes you to think more about it. Instead, turn your attention to something else. Rather than rejecting the negative thought, replace it. Override it with a positive, creative, constructive thought.

Crowd out the negative thoughts by keeping your mind busy with other, more uplifting endeavors. That works much better than trying to push the negative thoughts away.

Your mind is always filled with one thought or another. Keep a supply of positive thoughts on hand, ready and waiting for you to focus upon.

Keep yourself busy with positive, productive endeavors. And the negative thoughts won't find their way into your attitude.

~ Ralph Marston

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