Monday, August 15, 2005

I AM still alive!

Just going a little insane with everything going on. I am sitting here thinking about our vacation.

The night that we walked along the beach much later than usual right after sunset. We were leaving..and got to the car and realized I LOST THE CAR KEYS, yeah...that's right...rental car. We walked back down to the beach...walking along the waters edge where we had been strolling back and forth and FOUND THEM. I still cannot believe that we found those keys!

I miss yellow speedo guy AND shower guy. Think they miss us too??


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Ginger and Marianne's Beach Dreams said...

I thought to myself that day when you lost the keys. We were meant to stay there. That was our sign not to go home. But we had to. I long for the days when we never have to return from the beach. May they come soon. So we can enjoy every minute of them.

Lots of love to you Ginger