Monday, August 22, 2005


It's a sad time of year for me. While I love the change of seasons, the smell of fall, also means the beginning of at least 8 months of WINTER like weather. The leaves are changing colors, mornings are cold, it's 52 now and I dream of our beach and the SUN, sand and surf. Time is going so fast...I feel like my life is flying by. I have 2 jobs that MOST would see as dream jobs and I am so miserable. The thing of it is...I am pushing 40 fast and STILL don't know what I want to be when I grow up. It has long been my dream to own a bookstore, Marianne's too. I have the space, access to I have the courage to try one more venture? In the past few years I have tried so many new things only to have them turn out to be something I don't want...something that just added stress to my life instead of enjoyment. The last thing I need is more stress. I miss my friend...Marianne...we NEED to meet in the middle and SOON. I need pool therapy, I need to reconnect and ground myself again...I can only seem to do that with you. We are both at a changing point and we really need this to keep us going. I love you and miss you. ~~Ginger~~

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Ginger and Marianne's Beach Dreams said...

I love you and miss you too. Soon we will reconnect. Get some pool therapy and make plans for our next beach adventure. Until then hang in there. I need you.