Saturday, July 16, 2005

In the Beginning

This is our beginning. Ginger and I have decided to share with you our lives, our hopes and dreams of getting back to our place of destiny. THE BEACH. You see after spending so long on the Island we came to love the beach. Civilization is just not cutting it for us. We need to get back to sand, surf, sex, and fun. She is up there in the frozen tundra and I am stranded down here in the cornfields. No one understands just how much we hate our lives here. We are going to share with you some of our day to day trials away from the beautiful ocean and the sandy beaches and the night life that goes on and on. The Midwest truly sucks. We want OUR LIVES BACK. Stick around and hear the tales of two bored Midwest Babes trying to find their way back to Paradise. We just need two tickets.....

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