Friday, July 22, 2005

A Birthday - How Young are You?

This would be great to have for my birthday. Both kinds. It would fulfill all my dreams ...... The beach , the drink and the SEX ..... WOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOO !!!!!!

It's my Party and I'll Cry If I want too. Yep today is my birthday. I don't like birthdays. So I will make the best of the day. I certainly won't share my age here. It would be a perfect birthday if Ginger could celebrate with me on the beach. But that can't happen. So I will dream on this day of getting back home to Our Beach. Of frozen drinks, crashing waves, sand between our toes, pool therapy, the shower guy, driving up and down gulf blvd., Gators, John's Pass, Chunk Coffee, shopping, little lizards, tattoos, turtles, dolphins, and men. So much of the beach and we had so little time. I wanna go back home. Sink my toes in the sand and feel the gulf breeze and warm water........ Soon ... real soon Ginger we will be back where we belong.

-- Love You GINGER ... Always Marianne

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